Miika Warsell is a pianist and media composer from Helsinki, Finland. He has scored music for short films, online games and theatrical productions. Miika's forté is awe-inspiring, touching melodies, chordal progressions and counterpoint. His music conjures visual imagery, making it an outstanding companion to picture.

Besides his work experience, Miika has formal music qualifications from the East Helsinki Conservatory and from the Sibelius Academy (Open section). Miika has also studied musicology at the University of Helsinki. In addition he has completed a Masters in Media Music from Thinkspace - accredited by the University of Chichester. Miika has also studied film and media at the University of Malta. In addition to his musical background, Miika holds a Bachelor (Hons.) degree in psychology and a Masters in English and pedagogy from the University of Helsinki.

Custom music for film, TV, trailers,  animation, corporate videos, commercials and web use. Contact the composer at

miika.warsell at

I'm also open for collaboration with fellow artists!


...and here's the music - a selection of tracks in various genres.




Movie trailers, electronic tracks, Bach-like counterpoint, string quintet...

The album below is a homage to Vangelis, especially to his work in the 1970's and early 80's.

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Looking for the solo piano album "Avian Dreams" ?

Miika's Youtube channel consists of synth demos and various other bits. Check it out and subscribe!

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