Rodney Smith, Youtube channel owner: "Watch it played"

“I was under a time crunch to get a piece of music created for an important project and Miika delivered!  A great sense of music paired with a professional manner made the experience excellent from beginning to end.”

Oticons Faculty Film Music Competition, 2016

" delivered a very lyrical and original theme. The usage of voice made it pop out from the majority of the other entries while at the same time what was appreciated, along with the simplicity in your approach, was the clear development you devised for it."

"For the 2nd assignment you presented something very intriguing, mainly due to the nicely laid out movements and dynamics your composition had. As an "epic" track it would fit in a specific type of films, i.e. maybe an Almodovar-like one. But again the low-profile, simple and sophisticated approach, as it was evident also from the score you submitted, was very appreciated!"

Veijo Hietala, professor of Media Studies at Turku University, Finland

"... vallan upeata romanttista ja unelmoivaa musiikkia - ainakin tämmöiselle romanttiselle spektaakkelifriikille! Magellan on niin mahtavan kaunis avaruusspektaakkeli että kyyneleet tulivat silmiin! Miika on melodisen mietiskelymusan maestro - paljon parempi säveltäjä kuin valtaosa nykyisen populaarimusiikin tekijöistä!"


"...these are wholly wonderful romantic and dreamy contemplation music - at least for a romantic spectacle freak like myself! "Magellan" was such an amazingly beautiful space spectacle that tears began to flow! You are a sensitive artist and a maestro of melodic music - for real.  Much better composer than most contemporary writers of popular music!"

Ian Sanders, film director, UK

"I was listening to a Star Trek soundtrack in the office. I put in your piece for our short's end credits and my colleagues still thought I was listening to the Star Trek music!" 

Jussi Mäkelä and Mikko Valjento, Solinet Oy

"Olemme olleet erittäin tyytyväisiä yhteistyöhömme Miika Warsellin kanssa. Miikan suunnittelemat ja toteuttamat taustamusiikit ja äänimaailmat ovat olleet oleellinen osa toteuttamiemme online-pelien kokonaiskokemusta. Yhteistyö Miika Warsellin kanssa on sujunut joustavasti ja työn laatu on ollut kaikinpuolin erinomaista."


”We have been very satisfied with our cooperation with Miika Warsell. The background music and soundscapes he has created have been an essential part of the playing experience in the online games we have developed. Our cooperation with Miika Warsell has progressed flexibly and the quality of his products has reached an overall excellence.”

Asta Vuori, Chairman, Teatteri Musta Aukko

”Miika Warsell on säveltänyt musiikin teatterimme lastennäytelmään ”Velho ja Leijona”, joka perustuu C.S. Lewis:n kirjaan. Näytelmää esitettiin kevällä 2003 ja se saavutti laajan yleisön ja sai hyvän suosion.

Mielestämme Miika tavoitti heti sävellystyön alussa oikean tunnelman ja olimme erittäin tyytyväisiä lopputulokseen.

Tässä näytelmässä musiikilla oli merkittävä osuus kokonaisuuden kannalta näytelmän menestykseen.”


”Miika Warsell has composed music for our theatre’s children’s play ”The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”, which is based on the C.S. Lewis’ book of the same name. The play premiered in spring 2003 and it gathered a vast audience and was very warmly taken.

In our opinion Miika, in the very beginning of the composing process, reached the right atmosphere and we were very satisfied with the end-product.

In this particular play music had a very prominent role regarding the overall success of the play."

Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck,

Title: Voyage (2006)

"Miika Warsell is an artist from Finland that takes his passion for the great composers and makes something special without the help of a band and typical instruments. The artist uses a Korg Triton with onboard MOSS, M-Audio Audiophile 192 soundcard hooked to his computer to create this engaging instrumental Voyage. The compositions, recorded, mixed, and mastered by the artist, sound as if there was more involved because of the sound quality, nevertheless the results are impressive when you look at the whole picture and how he achieved the desired results. Miika's intention was to create a soundtrack that could be easily adapted for a movie. I think he succeeds in accomplishing his goal on this album. He listened to his share of Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis prior to jumping into a career of recording, as their influence is peeking around every corner of this CD. The entire recording is a soundscape that puts you out to sea with a ship on its long Voyage. This music can accompany many forms of media however, the ultimate goal of Miika Warsell is to get those involved in the movie business to take notice, as they will find great use for his work and in turn enable this creative individual to continue developing this art from with more recordings. Eleven tracks encompass this CD and what makes it so enjoyable is its variety of textures and tones that sound as if they are peeling off in layers via your ears. This is mood music for me, I do not throw this on to get all pumped up and motivated…this kind of music is for relaxation, contemplation, and can serve you well when you need to focus on one thing and make a decision. In the same instance, it can allow you to become that ship out to sea, so you can float away and forget all your troubles. So for this listener music like this can serve many useful purposes. Of course, it does help to love instrumental music created with the use of the computer. A purist I am not, although I do know what I like. Technology continues to make leaps and bounds every day and now you can create an impressive piece of music on a computer; in this case, Miika composes a group of tracks worth a serious look by both listeners and those in the business of multimedia productions."

Edgar Kogler, Amazing Sounds

"The electronic music contained in this album by Miika Warsell has a very personal, innovative style. Some of the pieces possess an innovative cosmic character, others approach Contemporany Instrumental Music, but no known label could be clearly applied to it. The artist displays his wide musical vision, not limited by the fashions of the moment or the imitative patterns of the musical stars. The music is very original and varied, without having to make an intensive use of experimentation with sounds. Miika Warsell builds melodic themes of a great beauty and mystery. In conclusion, "Voyage" is a wonderful work of electronic music."

Roberto Lupercio, Radio Evolucion Radio Show, Baja California, Mexico

"We received excellent comments from our friends and audience about your music. I really love the great feeling you transmit in your music, complex, even experimental electronic in parts, but very warm at the same time. You have something wonderful."

Fan testimonials from

"This album was a set of delightful, buoyant, and engaging solo piano pieces. They were relaxing and could definitely be used as lullabies. I thought they were sweet and endearing with no complicated layers or overwhelming melodies. These sublime, harmonious tunes are quite an enjoyable listen."

"...Etonnante et originale création."

"Album très intéressant.Original, il est composé, pour la plupart, de morceaux très cycliques où l'artiste procède par touches successives qui paraissent se ressembler toutes.C'est jamais monotone et très inspiré.Et l'on pense au maître du genre Philipp Glass ou même, accessoirement, Terry Riley.Tribal Musical Box est remarquable."

"Najbardziej warci uwagi są tacy wykonawcy,którzy poszukują swojego własnego stylu,próbują w morzu wielostylowej muzyki wykrzesać swój eksperymentalny styl,który można by nazwać"czymś nowym".

"Красиво, мелодично, спокойно и расслаблено. Молодец автор!"

"Un trabajo hermoso en el cual da a conocer la felicidad que posee el alma del autor. Esperanza, sueños, alegrías... Que no mueran nunca en ti.“A very kind fairy”... ¡MAGNIFICA! Mi más enhorabuena a un trabajo talentoso y sereno."